Reply-To Settings for Task Reminders

By default, Borrowers receive task reminder emails the day before one of their tasks is due (this can be changed in the loan file's Task Settings) or when a new task is added to their dashboard. You now have the option to have these Task Reminder emails come from one of your LOAs or Processors. This way, if a borrower replies to a task reminder, it goes to that person instead of you.

Keep in mind that we’re only talking about Task Reminder emails. Emails about loan status, document acceptance/rejection, will still come from the Loan Officer.

You can configure the Reply-To settings for your entire pipeline, or on a file-by-file basis.

Setting Reply-To for Your Pipeline

Do you have LOAs or Processors that are assigned to all of your loan files by default? If so, then you can configure the Reply-To setting for your entire pipeline. From your dashboard, click on your name in the upper right & choose Settings. Scroll down to Task Email Settings:

Setting Reply-To for Each Loan File

If you have to manually assign support staff to your loan files, you can still take advantage of this feature, but on a file-by-file basis. To set the Reply-To setting on a loan file, open a loan file & click on Task Reminders:

You can still make use of this feature if you’ve configured a default Reply-To setting for your pipeline. The setting on a loan file overrides the Reply-To setting for your pipeline.  

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