Whitelabel setup

You just signed up for a whitelabel with Maxwell! Now there are a few steps to take to complete the setup. 

  1. Your Customer Success Manager(CSM) will email you instructions. Step 1 will be to verify that you own the domain where we will be hosting Maxwell.
  2. Once you have completed the instructions in Step 1, send an email to your CSM advising that it is complete. Our Engineering team will verify that Step 1 has been completed correctly.
  3. If so, we will send you a "host" and a "target". You will enter both of these items into the DNS Management section of your domain registrar. See the video below for how you would do this with GoDaddy.
  4. Let your CSM know when you've completed step 2 and we'll verify the setup on our side. If everything checks out, your whitelabel is setup correctly.

Here's how to enter the host & target in GoDaddy:

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