Creating FlexLetter Templates

Organization Admins in Maxwell have access to create FlexLetter templates. If you need an introduction to FlexLetters, read this article: How to Create FlexLetters.

Here are the steps:

  1. From your dashboard, click your name in the upper right & choose Org Templates. Scroll down until you see the section for FlexLetters.

  2. Click New Template & give your template a name.

  3. Configure the template by choosing what info you want in the header & footer, along with the body of the letter.
    • If you type an { (open curly brace) you'll see a list of substitution fields that can be used when generating a new FlexLetter. You can use as many of these substitution fields as you'd like.

  4. Save your FlexLetter template when you're done--but wait, you aren't done yet. You still have to deploy your template changes.

  5. Click "Back to Template Manager" in the upper left. Scroll down to the FlexLetters section.

  6. Notice that your FlexLetter status is "Changes Pending." Click the "Submit Template Changes" button & your template will be available for use.

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