Docutech LendingQB Disclosures Set Up

Docutech Disclosures Set Up

Requirements for set up:

  • Your organization must have an active contract with Docutech to enable this feature
  • This is currently only available to LendingQB users
  • Set up and Integration is handled primarily through Docutech
  • Disclosures are triggered within LendingQB. When they are triggered, it sends a task to the borrower’s task list, and they can log into Maxwell. The borrower stays within the portal and are not redirected to an outside site.
  • If a form is not signed within three days of being available, it triggers the Docutech mailing protocol, and a hard copy is sent to the borrower

*Your Maxwell Customer Success Manager will help you with set up and provide an integration guide. The below is for informational purposes.*

Required Configurations:

The following configurations are required for Maxwell to start surfacing disclosures to borrowers.

  1. Create a Docutech User for Maxwell
    Ask your Docutech account manager to create an account that Maxwell can use to access Docutech. We will use this account to act on your behalf and display confidential Docutech data to the borrower. Once created, you will receive a GUID (unique ID) that you can input into the Docutech connected app in Maxwell.
  2. Configure Maxwell as a 'Pushback Target'
    Docutech needs to know that Maxwell is interested in your loans. Docutech does this by adding Maxwell as a 'Pushback Target', sending us copies of certain events to handle your disclosures. Request to be added as a pushback target, and Maxwell will start receiving the events we need to display disclosures to borrowers in Maxwell.
  3. Configure Loans Handled by Maxwell
    You need to determine which loans you want to send through Maxwell for disclosure signatures. If you’re only using Maxwell for a subset of your loans (e.g. loans with more than 2 co-borrowers), you’ll want to configure Docutech to send some loans to Maxwell and continue to use Docutech for the remaining loans.
    Lender signers - Currently Maxwell only supports borrower signatures. If you have lender signers, Docutech will create a mapping to keep lender emails enabled. Your lenders will sign in Docutech and borrowers will sign in Maxwell.
    Advanced signer parties - Maxwell does not support advanced signer parties such as NPEs, POAs, Trusts and Trustees. If you require signatures from advanced signers, we recommend not sending these loans through Maxwell.
    Limited roll-out - Docutech can configure the implementation to only send a subset of your organization’s loans to Maxwell. This allows you to test the integration with a select branch or set of loan officers prior to rolling it out to your entire organization. The way this is configured will depend on how your account is setup with Docutech and what you’re sending to Docutech in the payload.
  4. eConsent
    Maxwell collects per loan consent in the Docutech iFrame prior to allowing the borrower to view and sign disclosures.
  5. Review Step
    Some lenders want to have separate and distinct review steps in the eSign workflow while others combine the review and signing into one step to save the borrower time while signing. Maxwell can support either experience based on the your preference.
  6. Signature Creation Options
    Maxwell supports all types of signature options offered by Docutech (signer creates their own signature, typed signature, drawn signature)
  7. Ink Sign Documents
    If you have documents in your disclosure packet that need to be ink signed, an additional step will be added as part of the eSign experience. In this step, the borrower can download the ink sign document(s) and will see instructions on where to send or upload the document(s).
    The instructions can be customized to tell the borrower to upload the document(s) to Maxwell using a custom task (that the lender creates) or through the messaging feature.
  8. Complete Screen
    After the eSign experience is complete, the borrower has two options for a completion screen. (1) A completion screen that shows all the documents that are part of the disclosure packet that can be downloaded (2) an alternate completion screen that closes the experience without the document download screen. Maxwell recommends using option 2 since the disclosure packet will be delivered to the Maxwell document vault where it can be downloaded.
  9. Branding
    You will need to send a branding request to your Docutech account manager requesting that they enable Maxwell branding. The eSign experience will match the colors of the Maxwell portal so that the borrower experiences a seamless transition. Maxwell will provide the Docutech branding sheet filled out for you. All you need to do is request the changes from Docutech.

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