Filling out your loan application

Ready to fill out your loan application and submit it to your lender? Let's do it!

1.If your lender has sent you a link to create your account by filling out a loan app, click the blue button in the notification to set your password. 
2. Now you're in your loan application; use the buttons to select your answers, or type your answers in the appropriate fields. Where you see a red "Answer Required*" make sure to select an answer or fill in an answer - you won't be able to submit your loan app without filling in the required answers! The application will save as you go, so no need to worry about losing your work if you get interrupted!3. When you're done filling in your application, you're ready to submit! Click the blue "Finish and Send" button at the bottom of the page, and then carefully read the pop up. If you have a coborrower, make sure you select both of your names. Once you've read it, click "Finish and send." That sends your completed loan application to your lender, along with your agreement for your credit check and to receive notifications electronically.

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