Enabling 3rd Party Cookies

Safari (Mac)

  1. From the system menu, select Safari > Preferences...

  2. In the "Preferences" menu, in the top tabs, select Privacy
  3. Deselect the Website tracking: Prevent cross-site tracking checkbox

Chrome (Mac)

  1. From the system menu, select Chrome > Preferences

  2. In the preferences window, in the “Settings” navigation panel, select Privacy and security

  3. In the “Privacy and Security” section, select Cookies and other site data

  4. In the “General Settings” section, select either Block third-party-cookies in Incognito or Allow all cookies

Chrome (Android)

  1. From the Chrome menu, select Settings

  2. On the “Settings” page, in the “Advanced” section, select Site settings

  3. On the “Site settings” page, select Cookies

  4. On the “Cookies” page, select either Block third-party cookies in Incognito or Allow cookies

Safari (iPhone)

  1. On the iPhone, open the Settings App

  2. In the “Settings” app, select Safari

  3. On the “Safari” settings page, disable the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking setting.

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