With Maxwell’s credit integration, you can pull a credit report for your client from a number of CRAs. You can even pull credit on the go through Maxwell's mobile site or App. We’ve partnered with MeridianLink, CBC, Informative Research, and Factual Data to give you access to dozens of CRAs. 

Note: The Credit Integration must be enabled for your organization before you can pull a credit report in Maxwell. Your organizational admin can reach out to Maxwell to get this set up. 

All credit orders are hard-pulls. Maxwell does not currently support soft-pull orders. 



How to pull a credit report in Maxwell

  1. Open up the File from your dashboard by clicking on your borrower’s name.

2. On the Tasks tab, click the blue “Add Task” button and select “Pull Credit Reports".

3. Select your CRA provider and enter in your CRA credentials, then click “Next.”

4. If your borrower's file has a completed loan application their information will be auto populated.  If the borrower has not completed the application you can manually complete the required fields. 

5. A tri-merge pull from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion is the default order. If you would like to pull a single-agency credit report click to highlight only the agency requested. 

6. You must indicate that you have consent from the borrowers before pulling a report.  

7. Click "Pull Credit" and the task will be added to your task list and run in the background.

8. You will be redirected to the Task tab. The credit report can take a few minutes to come back, so it may show as In Progress until the report is returned. At that point you can find the report under the completed tasks. 


Note: The credit report PDF that is returned will have a report number that you can use to reissue the credit report in your LOS.



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