FlexLetters for real estate agents

Congrats! If you're here, you're working with a lender who is using Maxwell, a platform designed to help you, your client, and your lender partner move faster to get to the closing table. With FlexLetters, you have the ability to edit the pre-qualification or pre-approval letter (depending on the lender your client is working with) up to an amount determined by the lender. Read on for details!

  1. You'll receive an email from your client's lender that looks like this, inviting you to view the letter they've created, as well as create a new one:

  2. You can click the PDF to download the version that the lender created, or you can click "Create new letter" to generate a new version. Once you click "Create new letter", you can edit the amount on the letter up to the amount specified by the lender and edit the property address.  If you get an error message, that means that you've gone above the maximum allowed amount. You can then generate this new letter, which will be available for download on the page, or in your email:

  3. You may see a screen like this, which means that the expiration date has passed for creating a letter. Please reach out to the lender for next steps.

And that's it! You're able to update letters on the fly, wherever you are. Take it for a spin on your phone and see how easy it is!

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